Become The King or Queen of Your Corporate Jungle

When you decide to enter the corporate jungle it is not good enough to just survive, you must master and become the king or queen of that jungle. Competition is fierce, opportunities may be limited, time becomes a precious commodity and your very survival depends on your skill, instincts and desire to succeed.

10 Steps that will assist you to become the king or queen of your corporate jungle:

  1. Work towards building trusting relationships with your team members and manager
  2. Become a mentor for your fellow team members.
  3. Develop a mindset of Team vs I.
  4. Take on extra projects that help elevate the standing of the team within the organization.
  5. Take calculated risks that help the organization to become more profitable, efficient and better corporate citizens.
  6. Let Senior Leadership know your ambitions to continue to move up the organization.
  7. Become a master recruiter and bring A player type talent to your organization.
  8. Take the lead on presentations and communication for your department.
  9. Invest in your education.
  10. Work like the organization is your own business.

Becoming the King or Queen of your corporate jungle requires a plan, patience and a desire to succeed in-spite of the obstacles.

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